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Master's Degrees

Earn an Online Master’s Degree from approved Universities specifically designed for professionals. 


An MBA can provide numerous benefits, including increased compensation, skill development, networking opportunities, and opportunities for job growth.  


The Master of Computer Applications (MCA) is designed for professionals looking to become strategic, innovative technology leaders in today’s data-driven digital world  


The Master of Science in Information Technology (M. Sc.IT) course is designed to address the market’s demand for information technology (IT) proficiency.  


The online Master of Arts (MA) courses are designed to give learners the required professional boost to grow, advance, and stand out in their fields.  


An online Master of Science course is designed to offer students a more nuanced and extensive understanding of scientific concepts.  


The Master of Arts in Journalism and Media This course provides students with a complete grasp of the Journalism and Media industries, preparing them to succeed in these fields. 


Students pursuing a Master of Social Work (MSW) course learn about the macro and micro-aspects of professional social work practices in hospitals, communities, and other sectors of social services. 

Online Degree

Bachelor's Degrees

With an online bachelor’s degree from reputed universities, you may study in-demand fields and get job-ready skills created with flexibility in mind. 


Bachelor of Business Administration is a highly estimated professional degree Programme designed to develop the appropriate skills required to make a career in management.  


Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) course bring together the latest developments in computer technology, with a focus on developing logical & creative skills required in the IT sector. 


Bachelor of Science in Information Technology course enables students for roles in Computer Applications and IT industry and helps a student develop programming skills, networking skills and so on. 


Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) is designed for individuals who want to study about the financial management components of the management business.  


Bachelor of Arts (BA) with a combination of English, Sociology, and Political Science is designed for learners looking to gain expertise in multiple areas & fields to excel in the dynamic world.  


A Bachelor of Science is a course that is perfect for students who want to improve their practical knowledge and work experience.  


Bachelor of Education courses help students broaden their minds and gain new views on the subject they are learning.  


BFA Bachelor of Fine Arts course includes various fine arts subjects to allow students to build foundational knowledge and skills in any specific offered domain.  


Bachelor of Arts course are available in a variety of topics. Each covers standard general education requirements in the liberal arts and humanities topics specialization of your choice.  

B. Voc

The Bachelor of Vocational Studies course offers students options in a range of market sectors, including manufacturing and information technology  

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